Virtual EWP Experience

Our product

Our VR Elevating Work Platform (EWP) experience empowers trainees to learn in a safe environment, where mistakes are simply a teaching moment - not a life or death situation. Learners will receive live instruction on how to drive and operate the EWP according to safety best practices.


Trainees do not require assistance to complete their virtual training, however the analytics from each session are saved and can be reviewed by training staff.

Tutorial level

familiarises learners with EWP controls.

3x realistic scenarios

where learners can perform work at height.

Live voice feedback

helps correct mistakes as they happen.

Full analytic system

allows trainers to review performance.

Multiple EWP Types

scissor and boom lifts.

Safety best practices

considered throughout.

Why VR training?

Minimal risk to trainees in a controlled environment
Ability to simulate multiple different control panel layouts
Higher information retention due to the formation of personal memories*
Conveys information more efficiently and effectively than traditional training
Analytics can highlight problem areas for trainers to focus on
Analytics can highlight problem areas for trainers to focus on
Reduces idle time during training                            
Give trainees more practical/hands-on experience before they are examined

Our vision

At ParaSpace, we use VR simulations to make training for high risk work licences more effective and engaging. We believe training should be an enjoyable experience that workers find exciting and rewarding.