Checkly gives you the tools you need to plan, conduct and review safety inspections.

Our simple digital interface is user-friendly, while our management dashboard gives you the confidence to make informed decisions about the safety of equipment and personnel.

Fast, reliable inspections with metrics that matter.

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Conduct inspections

using a simple digital interface.

Get inspections done twice as fast as pen and paper while supercharging your team with real time access to data.

Increased operational efficiency.

Decreased paper storage costs.

No information lag.

Escalate safety issues up the chain of command.

Document the decision making process to resolve an issue across all members of your team.

Reduce safety incidents.

Easily achieve and prove compliance.

Foster trust and transparency within your team.

Simplify inspection processes with task scheduling and reminders.

ParaSpace task scheduling and reminders ensures regular inspections are always completed on time.

Reduce the mental load on employees.

Plan more effectively by easily viewing what tasks are coming up.


How it works.

Step 1

Scan QR code on equipment to be taken directly to any required inspections.

Step 2

Complete the inspection
in a simple, customizable interface designed to find problems quickly and fulfil compliance.

Step 3

View and export data
Gain insights into the health and compliance of your equipment and personnel.

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