Tired of your equipment not being looked after?

With ParaSpace’s digital checklist + IOT status indicator solution, you can rest easy knowing your rental equipment is being well maintained. Our solution is machine agnostic and gives YOU full visibility over your assets.

Reduce Operator Incidents

Reduce Unplanned Downtime

Reduce Conflict and Disputes


About our product.

Want to bring visibility to your inspections?

Lets face it. Not everyone follows the daily maintenance and safety inspections that you put in place to take care of your equipment. The problem is that the inspection process harder then it needs to be.


Our IOT status indicator makes every step of performing checks easier. Like a traffic light for your equipment, know at a glance the status of these checks and have instant access to a tailored checklist that can be completed on your phone. 

When equipment is looked after, everyone wins with a safer workplace and reduced unplanned downtime.


NFC Underlay

Magnet Attachment

How it works.

Our device can be placed on any piece of plant or equipment, without needing to be hard-wired.

Status at a glance.

"Like a traffic light for your equipment"


Equipment is good to go, checks have already been completed or no checks are required for today. 


Equipment needs pre-start check, scan the device with mobile and be taken straight to the tailored checklist.


Equipment is faulty, using the asset will inform management and nearby workers.

How you benefit.

Daily routines and checks result in longer lasting equipment

Catch small issues before they become big ones

Know your operators are using fully functional equipment, every time.

No one likes arguing with customers. Our solution provides transparency, leading to less conflict.


Already have your own digital checklist software?

Our device can integrate with all the market leading software solutions. 

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